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Ebay & Etsy & Website Store | Online Coupon Campaign Creation | Business Development | Marketing Strategy

We will create a full Marketing campaign for our online Marketing company. This includes creating campaigns for Groupon and other social coupon companies. You will learn to create an Ebay store an Etsy Store and an online shopping cart!

These are skills that are in high demand now.

You will learn all aspects of Marketing with this internship.
I need a real "go-getter" ! Are you the one? If you are then, please send your resume' for review.

We are a small boutique Marketing company that will be launching our new website VERY soon and we need our Social Networking in place so there is a lot to be done and a lot of knowledge to be gained!

Our other needs include - website design, SEO, graphic design, copy writing, social networking, office assistance, accounting creating systems, sales, marketing & branding - so much more.

I have successfully hosted many interns from France over the past few years and each and every one of them received high scores on their final MBA paper due to their internship.

I will push you to be your best, create things as you never thought you would create before. You will finish this internship with a dynamic website and several Marketing campaigns which will showcase your work. You will also have experience in creating your own business and the back end needs to run a company such as attaining licenses, setting up merchant processing and much more.

I absolutely LOVE to teach and guide people - you will learn a lot - I promise. Enough to start your own business at the end of the internship.

My cell is 760-500-6555 and I am available to talk most days from 10 am until 6 pm PST TammySearle@aol.com

Look forward to speaking with you soon.



If you'd like to discuss the internship, feel free to contact me at 760-500-6555 from 10 am to 7 pm PST.

You can reply to me at TammySearle@aol.com - I don't check this site as often of course.

Here are the questions to answer in your email reply;

1. When would you be available to begin.
2. Are you ok with a position that has limited pay -some projects are not paid and some are.
3. Would you be working remotely or with me in CARLSBAD, CA
4. Would you be willing to learn all facets of running a business and assisting in office duties as well? I want to teach someone all parts of a sale including, quoting, invoicing, etc.
5. How many hours a week can you commit to?


- Excellent at project management

- Ability to meet tight deadlines

- Must have a smart phone and able to stay in touch easily

- If you own a MAC or PC laptop to use for our work, that is a plus, but not a requirement

- Perform well in environment that values leadership, efficiency, dependability, and organization

- Create online stores such as Etsy and Ebay, shipping cart on website - I shall teach you how!

- ability to handle social networking sites

- follow up on the phone and email

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