Email Marketing / Design Internship

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Wishful Concepts Catering & Personal Chef is an Orlando based licensed catering & personal chef company, passionate about establishing genuine, real-world, purposeful learning experiences for local Central Florida interns & college-students. Since winning the "2013 Best of Weddings Award", we have quickly & aggressively aimed our efforts towards creating a more consistent and professional brand identity through all mediums: web, print, email marketing, video, etc. We are seeking creative, humble and passionate email marketing interns.

The Wishful Concepts team is looking for an intern willing to share, teach, design and consult our catering company with their basic/to advanced knowledge of email marketing & html/css email newsletter development for our catering company. Email Marketing will be one of the areas with an expectation of growth and we are looking for passionate interns who have leadership qualities to teach us the ins and outs of how to effectively use email marketing. The intern will learn to utilize his or her skills in conceptualizing, creating, send and (possibly report) on a variety of email marketing based campaigns. The intern will collaborate with the owner & brand manager, to fulfill marketing goals and promote services through email marketing.

What's In It For You:

Yes the Internship is unpaid, but an extensive amount of experience can be taken from this opportunity. If you are a student who possesses knowledge and is passionate about email marketing, this is for you. An internship in the online marketing field is a great way to get a jumpstart on your career path and gain tangible working knowledge. Your experience at Wishful Concepts will not only enhance your resume but will provide a platform for launching a career in online marketing.



- Web Design, Digital Design, Internet Marketing, Computer Science or related major
- Possesses basic/to advanced knowledge in the areas of online marketing and advertising
- Possesses basic/to advanced knowledge about email marketing & internet marketing
- Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
- Ability to work independently and in a collaborative team environment


Intern Responsibilities:

- Collaborating with the owner to determine the goals and requirements of email marketing campaigns and best approaches
- Possesses basic/to advanced knowledge in creating design mock-ups in Adobe Photoshop for the purpose of evaluation and eventual conversion to HTML emails
- Possesses basic/to advanced knowledge in knowing how to convert Photoshop Designs into functional HTML email templates to be sent via 3rd party email applications
- (may be asked to) Code basic HTML and CSS by hand and with the use of Adobe Dreamweaver
- Perform some copywriting and editing of email content to fit design requirements and goals
- File Management including naming conventions, folder organization in a collaborative setting (Google Drive)
- Organize and load images and HTML files into 3rd party email sending systems
- Send, track and report on email campaign results
- Determine new and innovative ways to Improve click-through-rates (CTR) and return on ad spend (ROAS)

How To Apply

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