Email Marketing Internship Program

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Experience you can gain as an Intern:

The Email Marketing Internship Program provides cutting edge virtual training on the industry's leading and most innovative techniques relating to Email Marketing. Email Copy Writing, Lead Generation techniques, Virtual Collaboration and Email management are among some of the skills gained in this internship. The experience and skill set gained in this program adds tremendous value to participants and places them at the highest level of demand for Email Marketing.



Duties and responsibilities
Email Marketing Interns participants work under the direct supervision of the Email Marketing Manager, and duties and responsibilities include the following:

* Participate in training sessions relating to creating emails in email marketing systems and writing enticing email content.

* Create and implement emails of the topic areas of marketing and successful authors.

* Participating in and contribute to email marketing campaigns.



Access to Internet
Writing Experience
MS Office
Browser Experience

Desired Experience:

The Email Marketing Internship Program is available to all candidates including graduates or students seeking Associates of Arts or Bachelor's degree including any of the following fields: Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Computer Science, and Business & Marketing, Journalism & Psychology.

Any Email Marketing experience is desired but not required.


College credit maybe available for certain college programs. Ask your career advisor.
GoogleJets Internship Program is reached after completing 240 hours of internship career development and assignments.
In addition, for students qualifying for Financial Aid Outside Work study Program, they may qualify for financial compensation.

We have some students who earn up to $400 per week from their schools work study program while completing assignments and training.


Flex Time scheduled with your manager.
5 to 10 Hours Per Week for assignment
2 to 5 Hours Per Week for training

Internship Duration: Minimum 90 Days

Relevant Work Experience Will Be Considered

How To Apply

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