Email Marketing Manager

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The primary function of the Email Marketing Manager role is to manage, develop and coordinate all campaigns from strategy through to concept, production, testing and delivery.

The individual must possess a balance of strategic, planning and operational delivery skills to work effectively in this highly demanding role.

You will have two direct reports and work closely internal CRM and Email Production teams and external agencies to deliver and execute campaigns.


Email marketing manager is responsible for supervising the production of email communications such as client newsletters, product surveys and feedback forms, company announcements and sales promotions. Will usually work closely with graphic design, product development and marketing teams to create visually appealing email templates, effective landing pages and other online messaging for various audiences. Email marketing manager also utilizes measurement tools and computer software to create mass email campaigns, track open and delivery rates, and monitor subscriptions according to spam regulations, along with analyzing single campaign, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.


Proficient in not only Microsoft Office applications, but also software applications such as customer relationship management and email campaign programs (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.)

Should be familiar with search engine optimization strategies, email performance metrics and project management fundamentals.

Strong writing, presentation and interpersonal skills are required for this position.

Must also be able to multi-task and work collaboratively with design, product marketing and information technology departments as needed.

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