Event Marketing & Sales - Opportunity for Intern to Prove Themselves

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Mark Andrew Images
Company Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Paid

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Former Resident Photographer for the National Museum of Dance is seeking a marketing intern to promote The Portfolio Experience. The Portfolio Experience is a on site photo shoot hosted by dance studios that produces extremely high end dance images of their students and creates a number of marketing/promotional opportunities for the host school.

We are looking for a innovator/risk taker who wants to use this an opportunity to prove their effectiveness with results. Marketing efforts will include anything that will cost effectively get us the results including events, contests/competitions, raffles, producing high end promotional packages, and social media.

Eat what you kill. Compensation is based on results. Results means actual engagements booked and post sales.

Please answer these three questions via email (mark@markandrewimages.com) to apply:

1) What is your career goal?

2) What is the best marketing idea you ever heard of? Why do you think it was the best? Please address profits in your assessment.

3) Tell me 3 “out of the box” ideas that you’ve seen to market something that costs nothing to do.

And please pose 3 of your own questions that will help you better assess this opportunity and your ability to produce results.

This is NOT an internship in which I teach you how to market. This is an internship in which you have the opportunity to prove yourself and create a track record that distinguishes you based on results.

Applicants must be highly independent, innovative, self motivated/driven and extremely computer literate.

This internship is for the summer of 2014 and will be extended part time during the rest of the school year if we’re both pleased with the results and relationship.

This internship can be VIRTUAL and done from literally anywhere in the world.

Thanks for your consideration.


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Results Oriented!

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