Foundation Relations Coordinator

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The Foundation Relations Coordinator researches and writes Foundation Grant proposals to secure grants to assist the poor in Eastern Europe. Tis person is solely responsible for the proposal-generating process and tracking needed to place MWB Project Proposals in front of interested Foundations. The first five grants are the toughest. The next five are easier, and the remaining ones are bigger, and easier, yet. This responsibility can develop into a long-term relationship for the right Intern who can make it work well.


Tasks include: 1) Research Foundations through 2) Research MWB Projects through our website and company intranet. 3) Write Initial Proposal letters to qualified Foundations, requesting policies and proceedures for application. 4) Create fully-customized Project Proposal unique for each Foundation, based on their requirements. 5) Track Foundation submissions. 6) Land grant. 7) Create Foundaton Reports based on the individual Foundation's requirements.


Must have: a) Creative writing skills, b) a computer, c) a printer, d) phone, e) attention to details, and f) serious tenacity to land the first $25,000 grant.

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