India Internship Marketing Adventure

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Internships available in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai, in Incredible India! (coordinated from DC)
Washington, DC
Posted: 658 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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ConnectInc ( is an India Internship placement company with a mission of “connecting you, globally”. Specifically, we help college students and recent graduates find internships with top-tier Indian organisations according to their career interest. We have a network of over 100 carefully-vetted (and English-speaking) for-profits and NGOs in India in different fields, for example, finance, marketing, IT, HR, media, and healthcare.

Job Description: ConnectInc arranges professional internships (+ housing and local support) in your career interest within our network of top-tier Indian organizations. You'll be doing real work from day 1 (not photocopying) in the only English speaking BRIC economy.

Apply online at to start your work adventure today - slots for our Summer 2014 cohort are filling up.

From last year's interns: "Hi ConnectInc - just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for introducing me to this programme and providing me with the ultimate work experience in Bangalore, India. It's amazing how a 3 month internship turned into a full time work position which led to a lot more exploring and travelling throughout India. I never expected the internship to keep me in India for over a year, but it has been the most cherished year of my life"


We expect you to follow the agreed schedule for your internship, including getting yourself to work on-time following the initial introduction, working professionally with colleagues and handling the workload provided or expected as part of your internship. We’ve vetted each and every organization, and our experience has been that our organizations don’t make crazy requests and that misunderstandings are easy to resolve among people of good will.

We expect you to take reasonable care of your accommodation, so that all equipment, furniture, etc. is tidy and in good working condition.

We hope that you will enjoy a pleasant social life while in India, which means that we expect you to take all reasonable precautions for your personal safety, including keeping your cell phone number private, not bringing strangers to your accommodation, keeping your money, belongings, passport, and other important documents in a secure place, not travelling alone between 11pm & 4am if at all avoidable, and following the tips discussed during your orientation.


Qualifications: Professional internships in India. Candidates must be clear communicators in written and spoken English, have valid passport, be willing to immerse / adapt to a new culture, and open to a very different type of work adventure.

Note: Interns are required to provide a current CV and complete a Skype / phone interview with their India supervisor prior to confirming placement.

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