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Internship for a Marketing Director (Los Angeles)

Punch TV is looking for our new Marketing Director. If you believe that you have what it takes to market a television network worldwide and implement the following:

Support, implement, and facilitate annual marketing plan for the firm.
Translating business unit objectives and strategies to develop brand portfolio objectives, strategies and plans to facilitate business unit growth.
Develops marketing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment policy, nature of market, copyright and royalty requirements, and cost and markup factors.
Negotiates with media agents to secure agreements for translation of materials into other media.
Edits matrerials according to specific market or customer requirements.
Develop promotional materials including marketing collateral and print copies.
Make staffing (intern) and hiring decisions within marketing department.
Build and develop a marketing team which is competent, commerically astute, dedicated efficient.


Punch TV has several divisions within the company. The Marketing Director will understand Marketing for Affiliates, Programming, and branding the network nationwide.


Must have a degree in Marketing or working towards those goals. There are exceptions...Each individual will have the opportunity if skilled to come in as an Intern Marketing Director

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