Entry Level Marketing Representative - Marketing, Public Relations, & Communications

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Blue Devil Marketing is a marketing firm that utilizes unique marketing strategies to make our clients’ products and services accessible to the consumer when and where it matters most. Our trained professionals provide an interactive experience that consumers remember. In an age where outsourcing and impersonal mass media have become the standard, we believe that our techniques connect the client and the consumer with an integrated and compelling message. We are able to specifically shape and tailor a brand experience during the course of a conversation unlike any other medium. As a result, Blue Devil Marketing is rapidly becoming a leader in a consumer driven marketplace that demands something different.

An Entry Level Marketing Representative receives complete and individualized hands-on training in our AT&T division. We take the time to develop and train the individual to handle any task and take initiative. Trained, highly motivated, proactive representatives are invaluable to us. The right Entry Level Marketing Representative can expect to have opportunities for growth within the first few months that reflect their unmatched work ethic and dedication.



Candidates must possess a strong work ethic, good student mentality, and sense of professionalism.

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