Luxury Travel Marketing Firm Internship

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During this placement the hired candidate will support the organization in developing marketing and social media programs for Haute Escapes, a luxury travel marketing company. The company produces marketing services including websites and television programming focused on upscale travel in Africa, Caribbean, Arabia, Mexico, Central America , and Europe.


• Research of and content acquisition for upscale travel service providers including Luxury Hotels, Fine Dining Restaurants, Yacht Marina, and Exceptional Activities.
• Research and acquire marketing content featuring top experiences for affluent travelers in Africa, Caribbean, Arabia, Mexico and Central America and Europe.
• Develop and implement Social Media Strategies including facebook, pinterest, you tube and twitter accounts.
• Strategy – creating and implementing new product launch strategies, including adaptation and relaunch of existing programs. \
• Implement Public Relations strategies including development and distribution of press releases, contact with bloggers and writers, celebrity outreach and development of celebrity driven events.



The candidate should:
• Be a good all-round performer
• Have strong written communication skills.
• Strong attention to detail
• Interest in marketing, public relations
• Interest in luxury products and travel
• Demonstrate an ability to work autonomously
• Have a strong sense of initiative and problem solving
• Be creative
• Preferred major: Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, or Journalism

• Candidate will have a strong academic background
• Hired Candidate will be a student looking to complete an internship experience during their bachelor or master’s degree

This is for a virtual internship position.

Hired candidate will receive valuable real world experience. Position will require commitment of 20 hours per week. Work times are flexible but will require participation in a remote staff meetings and one-on-one sessions per week.

Haute Escapes offers the discerning traveler the opportunity to indulge in world class experiences in the most coveted destinations around the world. From exclusive hotels, amazing activities, fine dining, shopping and member only events. Haute Escapes delivers access to unforgettable experiences in Africa, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Arabia, and Europe.

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