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Founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Armelle Cloche, iSY is a revolutionary methodology based on anti-aging science. iStayYoung members receive daily challenges via short email, text or on their iPhone, emphasizing the power of pairing simple knowledge with action for the best results.

Our Inspiration

In keeping with our tagline “Your Daily Dose of Youth”, we were inspired to imbue iStayYoung with a sense of wonder we feel when young: when everything seems a new discovery. Our daily challenges are designed to help you get that feeling back – and keep it.

The Science Behind

Thanks to medical advances, genetics and lifestyle improvements, Americans are living longer. But with longevity we need a quality of life that we can enjoy no matter what age we are.

iStayYoung is based on a blend of the latest scientific neurobiology research from around the world. Our daily challenges help you to: break your daily routine, use your senses in a new context, do stimulating exercises and adopt healthier behaviors. All of these together CAN help you stay fit and alert so you’ll have a better chance to fight mental and physical decline.

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- You will help spread the word about iStayYoung and build relationships with health magazines, health blogs (for both our membership and our weekly YouTube video show)
- You will study all possible ways to use social networking to make the iStayYoung name more recognized
- You will participate in coming out with good ideas and better ways to promote iStayYoung
- You will work on any needed marketing tasks
- You will work REMOTELY from your home and use your own computer and internet connection. No need to live in San Francisco where we are located.


- Be a good communicator, writer with a style and humor
- Be interested in health and anti-aging
- Be good at connecting with people and talking about our company and services
- Care to help our members and others in general
- Understand what does
- Love to learn, positive attitude, and can think outside the box
- Be tech-savvy, understand the internet, blogs, computers, and Microsoft Office

How To Apply

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