Marketing Intern and Assistant

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Description brings to you an ideal commission-based internship for the marketing major with a background in journalism content and public relations. This is the perfect setup for you to flourish and put to use your creative skills and talents. You will have an opportunity to write blogs for our clients and be published in any one of our magazines. You will have the opportunity to interact with clients as an account manager and perhaps provide services such as social media marketing and ad creation and design.

You will receive a byline and any designer or publisher credit you contribute to your work.

This is a learning position in which HPT Media aims to provide a space to grow and enhance your marketing and journalism skills. BONUS: Any client that you close or ads that you sale, you get an additional 10% commission.


As our marketing intern you would be responsible for transferring social media data from the spreadsheet into the HOOTSUITE the HPTMedia pro account, client correspondence emails, light editing for magazine articles.

As an assistant you will be responsible for email accounts- making sure no email goes unanswered from clients.
Once a week you MUST be available to meet with your employer to review the weeks activities, participate in creative #powwow session, and strategize marketing campaigns.

You are expected to be proactive and create your own opportunities within this internship capacity.


Must have personal computer and have reliable transportation to get around the greater Houston metro area.
Must be a major in one or all of the following:
Public Relations

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