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Few college internship opportunities offer students the experience of developing and executing a complete marketing campaign on their college campus. And although we do offer ample guidance and empower you with the tools you need to be successful – the creativity, energy and reins belong to you.

In other words, this is not your average internship.

Do you want limited responsibilities and some job to just throw on your resume?
Then don’t waste your time here -- find a different internship.

Do you want to manage a like-minded team of entrepreneurial and enthusiastic go-getters who love to have a good time and stand as influencers on their college campus?
Then this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you want complete control of a marketing campaign that will provide you with the promotional, marketing, and real world problem solving experience to flourish in life after graduation?
Apply to become a Waspit Brand Ambassador and join the Swarm Team.

Are you incredibly self-driven?
Social with a knack for reading people?
Quick thinking and a natural leader?
Creative and entrepreneurial?
If you answered yes to those questions, then you’re a perfect fit for the Waspit Swarm Team.

Waspit is the first interactive social banking platform and has been designed exclusively for college students. While many financial services today are stuck in 1999, Waspit integrates new banking technologies like friend-to-friend money transfers and mobile payments, as well as the fresh social features that college students use daily. Let’s be honest, we don’t really get our parents prehistoric routines and they surely don’t understand Facebook etiquette or why Rihanna is the voice of our generation. Case and point: this is why we need you to be our primary marketers and not some 39 year old marketing whiz who graduated back when Bill Clinton was in the White House.

- Learning Opportunity and Resume Boosting:
o Gaining valuable real world experience planning a marketing strategy
o Conducting and understanding market research, SWOT analysis, and implantation timeline
o Working within an allotted budget
o Developing

- Part 1: Planning (roughly 2 months this spring or summer)
In the planning stage you will be on boarded to the Waspit team, trained, taught social media best practice, and be responsible for creating a marketing plan specific to your school.
- Part 2: Implementation (Fall 2013 Semester)
At this stage you will have conducted market research, have approval to implement events on campus, and be acclimated with Waspit. Now it’s time to execute the initiatives and objectives you laid out in your Marketing Plan.


- 12-20 hours a week
- Plan, implement and execute a marketing campaign from start to finish
- Manage school-unique Waspit branded social media pages
- Commit to working remotely during the part of Spring 2013 and all of Fall 2013 semester
- Participation will be mandatory during the remainder of the Spring 2013 semester (6-8 hours a week to create marketing plan).
- Attend a monthly, program-wide webinar
- Engage in weekly conference-style discussions
- Preferred: attendance at a school in Northeast United States (NY, PA, CT, NJ, MA, VT, NH, DE, MD)


- Works hard, plays hard
- Energetic, quick thinking and a natural born hustler
- Social, well connected and involved on campus
- Organized and ability to execute plans
- Solid GPA

How To Apply

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