Marketing /Communications / Business Development Internship

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Platinum International Products and Services LLC
Company Location: Van Nuys, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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What We Are Looking For:
Marketing Majors, Communication Majors, Media Technology Majors, Organizational Leadership Majors, Management Majors, Business Majors
(Other Majors Welcome)

Who We Are:
Former Celebrity Stylist & Magazine Editor who has worked in Hollywood for over a decade styling celebrities, producing red carpet events/ fashions shows and working with several magazines. You may have seen her on some personal TV appearances on Oxygen Network, E! Entertainment, Bravo, VH1, Style Network, Logo, BBC or Fashion TV. She now is running a philanthropy organization and family business. The business and brand is owned and operated with her husband. We own an office Supply Company and have launched a brand that is American made, environmentally responsible and helping feed homeless people through our philanthropy organization with every product sold. The sales of this product are fueling the philanthropy organization. You will be a part of building the brand and building the movement for the philanthropy organization. We have testimonials from the Pentagon endorsing our product and organization. The business model is similar to the Tom's Shoes business model. Please look that up if you are not familiar with cause marketing.

What YOU Will Gain:
This is a very special internship that will teach the person who qualifies very valuable skills. This intern will work closely with the owners on marketing, sales, publicity, social media, and sponsorship coordinating, branding and day-to-day business operations. You will learn priceless marketing strategies, amazing sales tactics, wonderful branding skills, publicity tips and overall business skills. You will have the opportunity to gain full time employment at the end of the internship, if you are a good fit for the company. This candidate will get hours signed off and extra perks/ access to high profile events etc. Every intern we have worked with has moved on to BIG opportunities & Careers. We look forward to meeting forward thinking, hard working interns that want to learn how to market, sell and run a business while thinking outside of the box. We will send more details to people interested in participating.

Location: Van Nuys California. We are near the Van Nuys Airport where we watch beautiful sunsunsets and private jets taking off from our balcony.

*Internship open Immediately - this is an internship for school credit but you will be considered for a paid internship/ paid position very quickly after you deliver results. Good Luck and looking forward to meeting you! We are here to help enhance your life and train you like our mentors helped us! Have a great day!


We are looking for someone who is comfortable on the phone and not afraid to talk to people. Some one who is dedicated and determined.

We are looking for a minimum of 20 hours per week but hours are flexible and working from office or home is also negotiable.


What We Are Seeking:
We are seeking an intern who is forward thinking and a team player. Their mind is open to learning every aspect of running a business and a philanthropy organization. They are willing to work hard and diligently. They enjoy challenging themselves. They are not afraid to be on the phone and have a pleasant phone voice. They also have good communication skills. Humor is a plus. They are computer literate as well as familiar with excel and social media. They have transportation and are responsible/ committed.

How To Apply

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