Marketing & Communications/Social Event Specialist (PAID POSITION)

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Apple Blossom Naturals
Company Location: Braham, MN
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Paid

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We are a national manufacturer/provider of 100% Natural, Fresh & Handmade Cosmetics/Personal Care Products. We are looking for the right candidate(s) to enter our products and career opportunities into the college community. If you are currently a college student and like to organize/host social events, this may be the right position for you! (Paid position, based on qualifications)


-Enter our products into the college community by marketing our catalog and other materials through social media and direct contacts.
-Arrange and host exciting/fun parties with friends, acquaintances and those interested in learning more about our products.
-Create and utilize further marketing materials to promote our all natural products and our career path.
-Teach others about our products and how they are different and better than other products on the market


The requirements for this position include:
-Have an already established social network
-Have an understanding of current popular social networking sources, and an ability to capitalize on those tools
-A signed contract that outlines our career program
-An enthusiastic attitude which encourages others to try our products and join our team
-A passion for natural products, or a willingness to learn more about them
-Creativity to host/organize fun and exciting social events that will result in a large attendance

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