Music Artist Marketing Coordinator

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A marketing coordinator position is a great way to enter the marketing field. Because most companies have a need to educate, communicate and inform prospects and customers about services and products, marketing tends to be a standard business department in various industries. The job of a marketing coordinator includes some specific educational expectations and responsibilities.


The marketing coordinator position can be considered an entry-level or professional position depending on the company. Some knowledge in marketing may be required such as field experience, methods for promoting and selling services and products; and effective communication techniques. Candidates should have business knowledge and some customer service skills.

Required communications skills are comprised of written, verbal and presentation capabilities. Additional skills may include the ability to actively listen, use logic to identify strengths, weaknesses and solutions.

The ability to speak clearly in order to effectively communicate and actively listen is essential when working in the marketing field. Other abilities include competent oral and written comprehension and expression.

A degree in marketing can provide marketing coordinator candidates with methods, tools and techniques necessary in order to obtain company goals and objectives. Marketing and sales experience also can provide business knowledge and understanding which are critical to assisting with business strategies. Some marketing coordinator positions require only organizational and multitasking skills and will provide training for the right candidate. Companies vary on candidate qualifications based on their business needs.


Marketing coordinators successfully assist the marketing team with various tasks such as collateral development, customer satisfaction analysis, sales programs, product development and service programs. Candidates should be able to multitask, have strong communication skills and business knowledge. Marketing and sales awareness and experience can be helpful, and for some companies, will be required. The marketing coordinator professional will be expected to assist with and deliver marketing information in a timely manner on behalf of the marketing department.

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