Marketing & Customer Relations

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Company Location: Burlington, VT
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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Hi. I'm Paul Dandurand, founder and CEO of PIEmatrix, a young technology company in Burlington. Our mission is to slowly change the world with process improvement. We are an enabler for organizations to improve their business processes and projects with technology and human creativity.

I'm searching for a few people to help me solve a problem. The challenge is to identify how to best position my company in the marketplace as a different niche provider and to design a true story. We have customers who are passionate about our product and others who don't get it. What if we focus on those who really love us and find out why? Maybe we can identify that special kernel and do something with it. It could lead us to a new marketing approach and/or it could help us learn what part of our product to focus on for future development.

Could you get under the skin of our successful customers and find out why they love our technology? I can help you with some ideas for this process, such as setting up interesting questions and conducting interviews, but I would like to give you the flexibility to be creative with how to execute this discovery and to solve my problem.

About PIEmatrix:
We build and sell an online tool that helps organizations simplify their complex projects and processes with team collaboration and visual ways to make it easier to execute. We have 10 employees and our customers vary from Yahoo! and NASA to non-profits like TEDx and Vermont colleges.

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