Marketing Evangelist

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Company Location: Tyson, VT
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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ROIchecker is a database service that was created exclusively for the small business buyer/owner/seller in mind, allowing them to find out the value of any business. ROIchecker is a financial analysis software that analyzes multiple sources of data around how businesses produce value, and uses tailored reports to provide an insight layer on top of financial and accounting reports. ROIchecker organizes financial metrics into value-creation categories giving a glance at where a company is doing well and where it may be wavering. This software gives more than just business listings, revenue and cash flow--the analytics features six components: return analytics, investment analytics, ROI optimization, growth projections, strategic indicators and competitive analysis. To see how ROIchecker can help you and your business, watch the demo at

Ideal Skill Set:
• Strong analytical, time management and communication (verbal/written) skills
• Strong desire to pursue a career in Marketing
• Ability to work in environment requiring attention to detail
• Ability to work independently and meet deadlines
• Interest in business structure and the components of a successful business
• Working knowledge of basic computer programs (Microsoft Office)


Responsibilities: (may vary depending on current marketing needs)
• Assist with maintaining the company’s social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and
Twitter by making appropriate updates and connecting with influential people in the
• Research public relations opportunities for the company and makes recommendations
on which opportunities to pursue.
• Assists with the coordination and editing ROIchecker’s blog and newsletter.
• Assist in content creation for press releases and possibly editing as well.
• Ability to think of creative ways to connect with customers through contests, social
media campaigns, email marketing, etc.
• Desire to learn how to use the Vocus Marketing Suite for all online marketing initiatives
(instruction of software will be made available).


• Must be a current student pursuing a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree.
• Candidate has a course concentration in Marketing, Management, Business Administration, or related discipline(s).

• We'll give you access to training on leading platforms currently used in the industry and field
• Work will be executed remotely, from your desired location, no office/phone/email access will be provided

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