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Insiderz Edge L.L.C.
Company Location: Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Part-time, Unpaid

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Insiderz Edge L.L.C. is a new advertising, marketing , daily deal site similar to Groupon, Living Social, etc. We hope to capitalize on what they do well, and learn to avoid their mistakes. We are located in Chicago and would offer an intern(s) flexible days, hours and work site. Interns would be closely supervised by seasoned professionals with the following qualifications: 1. B.A./Marketing - Loyola U. of Chicago, 2. M.B.A./Marketing - DePaul U., Chicago, B.S./Education Indiana U. and C.P.M. (Certified Purchasing Manager - National Association of Purchasing Managers). We need interns to increase our customer base by targeting potential markets and learning their needs and preferences. Once these needs and preferences and the size of the markets have been determined, we need the interns (under guidance) to determine and/or coordinate appropriate products/services/events to match the markets' needs. We also would like the interns to work on sourcing these products and speaking to merchants regarding quantity discounts. Another plus would be if they had an expertise in various types of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, etc. We would be happy to provide bonuses for good work, as well as good references or further work with our company!


1. Determining new or expanded target markets, size, needs and preferences.
2. Determining products to fill these needs and preferences, if market size warrants.
3. Sourcing merchants for such and determining quantity discounts.
4. Determining optimal Social Media to reach out and advertise to targeted markets.
5. Determining key words for internet advertising


-completion of general marketing classes

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