Marketing Intern

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We're a distributed team specializing in high-end WordPress development and consulting (being one of nine VIP partners out there).

We're looking for a marketing intern to work remotely and assist on the product side of the business (we own both & ).

These are great products and you'll have a chance to re


- Monitoring and being proactive within the social media universe (basically twitter & some linkedin). This could be anything from responding to a simple tweet, to mocking up a site on Happytables quickly and pitching it to a prospect.
- Taking on a part of support for Happytables and WP Remote (though any difficult/technical issues can be relayed to developers).
- Assist in product marketing campaigns and growth initiatives, be it in helping with blog posts, media outreach and so forth.


- Anywhere in the world, but are willing to align at least half of your time zone with ours (UTC).
- Passionate about online products and helping them grow.
- Proactive and natural with people and view difficult/undecided/unhappy users as a challenge to turn them around, as opposed to a problem to sideline.
- Someone that is never “too good” for any type of work. All three partners of Human Made do support because it keeps us hooked into the pulse of the business.

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