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Time to Save ( is a foundation dedicated to help people of all ages save for their financial future. We are focused on enhancing your online and local shopping experience and giving back to every consumer as a means to pursue their interests without worrying about their financial situation. This is accomplished by fulfilling our member’s needs for an interactive community, information/education and savings options. These benefits allow our members to make “Time to Save” a priority when preparing for their future.


Ideal Candidate:
• Very creative, organized, detail-oriented, and great at people management.
• Ability to manage time along with superb verbal and written communication skills
• The successful candidate must be comfortable and proficient with technology – email, internet, MS Office, and willingness to learn user-friendly software.
• Must be able to work independently, but also be a team player.
• Additionally, candidate must be reliable, punctual, and able to attend phone meetings a few times a week.
• Considerable experience in marketing and management is preferred, but not required.

BENEFITS: We are amazing visionaries who place a strong value on team-building and mentorship. Interns will work directly with a member of our senior management team and will have high-level skills and responsibilities to add to their resumes once the internship is completed. If an intern has delivered excellent work, they will receive an amazing recommendation and a stellar letter of recommendation from the President and CEO of the company. Everything that is created (that is not confidential) will go into the intern’s professional portfolio. We will gladly provide academic credit, if necessary. Interns will have first-hand knowledge of how to market their services as a freelancer. We are growing and there will be many future career opportunities in our company for successful interns.

LOCATION: This is a virtual internship! Interns will work from home or any place that has internet connection. Candidates living near Wallingford, CT will be provided with an office space and onsite opportunities.

TIMELINE: Immediately! Approximately 10 hours a week for 15 weeks; we very are flexible.

COMPENSATION: Internship is unpaid, but candidate may receive school credit upon request.

If you have any questions please contact Alice at


Marketing Intern responsibilities include:
• Becoming familiar with sister companies which you will participate in both Time to Save ( and AEON (
o Goals
o Markets
• Discovering types of associations that would be participants in AEON’s marketplace
• Developing lists of future events, meetings and conventions held by associations of interest for Time to Save by determining benefits of participation, location of events and basic costs of events.
• Drawing attention to our organization in a positive way and raising awareness of company’s offerings.
• Assisting in the creation of sales presentations for potential corporate partners.
• Creating and updating sales scripts.
• Collaborating with other interns for innovative ideas and on group projects.
• Reporting to supervisors on progress of work.
• Continuously reaching out to groups to form constant communication.

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