Marketing Intern

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Retail Network
1019 Naughton St.
Troy, MI
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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The Digital Media Intern will produce and oversee the creation of digital content from concept to delivery, including, animation, story boarding/layout, character design and development, writing copy, as well as product showcasing to be used on company websites and email blasts.

Duties and Responsibilities

Create animated graphics and shorts
Embed streamline videos into company websites and email blasts
Create animated banner adds to be placed on industry websites
Source appropriate images and sound/music for use on websites and animation projects
Assist in copy writing for digital animation projects
Develop online surveys and polls


Duties and Responsibilities

Complete training for and of company and products to be developed
Research the market, competition, industry and the industry leaders
Write a game plan, including what research was found, your conclusions, your vision for the market development and the platform you intend to utilize, what steps you will take to go about development and the schedule for checkpoints, and any budget requirements you may have
Develop the leads, copy, promotional tools, pitch, marketing plan and schedule for the introduction of the assigned products to the markets you have defined
Work with management, team leaders, the marketing department and others to keep good communications, maintain buy-in for the project as you see it, and to utilize other company resources to complete sections of your work, specifically for promotional piece development
Complete and test your plan in a small, low budget scenario
Evaluate your results report to evaluate the viability of the campaign as you see it
Report your findings to acquire management approval for larger-scale campaign
Assist with other promotional campaigns as requested of the marketing coordinator
Learn and understand the company, the products and required deliverable
Set steps for completing the project and delivering the desired work product
Set a schedule for the review of completed steps
Adjust according to knowledge gained throughout development
Complete and deliver the project by the due date


• Must be currently enrolled in a college or university and eligible for internship.

How To Apply

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