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The Convos is a marketing agency that works with brands to reach college students by creating meaningful conversations. At The Convos we believe that conversations are the key to successful marketing. We create conversations between you and big name brands through social media and hands-on experience, making you a part of the entire marketing process.

During this semester-long program, you’ll be guided through the ins and outs of the marketing world with our training program and marketing lessons. We’ve built out a comprehensive training program that will help you understand crucial aspects of marketing from social media to budgeting events. As an intern you’ll not only be corresponding with your intern supervisor, but with the head honchos of The Convos as well. Our goal is to give you the skills and knowledge to make it in the marketing Hunger Games, if you will.

The Convos internship program was created specifically for talented, passionate, and driven college students, like yourself, who want to expand their real-life experience within the field of marketing. We're looking for students who can think outside the box and contribute creative ideas that lead to these conversations. So if you're the social media bug on your campus and are constantly communicating, we want you on our team. This isn't your typical internship, no copies and no coffee runs. When you're a part of The Convos, you are the conversation.

What you’ll get:

- Portfolio: everything you do through us will is documented so that we can compile a collection of your work. We’ll wrap it up in a bow and turn it into a pretty portfolio that’s presentable for you to take to future employers.

- Resume assistance: you’re not only adding an awesome and hands-on internship experience to your resume with The Convos. We’re here to help you so we’ll assist you in beefing up your resume with tips, tricks, and charisma.

- Experience of a lifetime: you’ll be talking about your internship with The Convos forever. We’re aiming to make this the best internship experience you’ll ever have from the creative aspect to the actual on-the-ground work you’ll be doing.

- Opportunity: we’re big fans of loyalty and teamwork at The Convos. Our goal is to teach you the skills needed to land a job in the marketing world, whether it’s in our Manhattan HQ, as a regional manager, or with our friends at other marketing agencies at different states. We’re not just filtering through to make you an intern. We’re here to help you succeed after graduation.


- Social media marketing: from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest, you’ll learn how to use social media to send out brand messages and reach target demographics through social means.

- Event planning: whether it’s a small scale event like a raffle or a larger event like a concert sponsored by a brand, you’ll learn the ins and outs of what goes into making a successful event that appeals to your target audience and sends out a brand message.

- Case studies: you’ll learn how to create case studies for brands to show exact deliverables and clear reporting back to the brand.

- Writing skills: we’ll help you improve upon your writing skills whether it’s through social media or creating reports for brands. If you’re afraid of grammar, don’t worry! We’ll make your writing grammatically correct and impactful.

- Brand interpretation: you will learn how to identify brands and how to translate their message to the college student demographic in a unique way. As an intern, you’ll have opportunities to create viral campaigns for the client and present ideas directly to the marketing department for brands.

- Idea presentation: you’ll learn how to present ideas in a professional way by creating proposals for your ideas. We’ll help you understand what goes into making an idea appealing to brands.

- Creative task work: here at The Convos, we thrive on creativity. Instead of thinking outside the box, we’ll teach you how to think like there is no box at all by giving you creative tasks to complete throughout your internship.


- Applicants must currently be enrolled in college and pursuing their Undergraduate Degree.
- Ability to work remotely via the internet from your campus.
- Time Commitment: 4-6 hours per week.
- Ability to have weekly conversations via phone/email with Account Managers in the The Convos office to discuss campaign rollouts, campus demographics, brand strategies, and recap.

How To Apply

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