Marketing Intern

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Company Location: Fall River, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 6 Part-time, Paid

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Paid Internship In Boston for college students
Commission and/or Salary, based on experience
College Credit can also be earned
Potential for leadership positions in the future

Company summary in 160 characters:
SnoOwl is a real-time communication tool for businesses to broadcast short messages to attract new customers and incentivize patron loyalty through personal relationship building.

What problem is SnoOwl solving?
Business owners need successful advertising when their brick and mortar stores or online shopping carts are empty. Business owners have undoubtedly dreamed of a service that can bring in new customers and patrons on that lifeless Tuesday night.

Unfortunately, businesses often struggle to control customer flows with traditional advertising. By using SnoOwl, businesses can broadcast messages to a larger audience, in real-time, to attract customers at times when they see diminished patronage.

SnoOwl is solving the problem with the deal-discount model that has been made popular by services provided by Groupon, Living Social, Google Deals, and numerous others. With those models, businesses offer deep discounts in order to drive traffic, in hopes of securing new customers, but how do they know that are really increase their customer base? With SnoOwl, the business owner is not forced to offer a deal, but rather they are in control of their messages; they have the option to provide a deal or special, reward loyal customers, highlight new products, or provide a giveaway.

Through communication with local business owners, we have found that they need a tool to communicate directly with customers on slow days, and that they would rather reward loyal customers than eat the costs of discount deals. Many business owners would not mind offering an incentive to gain business on those slow days, and they will be able to do that with SnoOwl, while simultaneously obtaining feedback on the effectiveness of their messages, deals, or loyalty program.

What we have created so far?
We have built a website that allows businesses to broadcast their short messages, called “Hoots.” These Hoots are broadcasted to our Twitter handles in each city (i.e. @SnoOwlBoston) and our website,, where they are seen by thousands of users. These Hoots can be messages, specials, updates or anything the business owner wants potential customers to know. These Hoots can be filtered by category, search term, and tagged words. When a user sees a Hoot that they like, they can click on the Hoot to find out more about that business. This is the foundation on which we will build our business and brand.


-Represent SnoOwl and businesses up for our service
-Utilize social media efforts to target new business and App users
- Assist with special events to promote company and increase reach.
- Collaborate on team presentations to present at business conferences


-Currently enrolled in college
-In Boston for Spring and/or Summer 2013
- Possess excellent verbal communication and customer service skills.
-Part-time or full time
- Possess creativity, flexibility, variety, and growth potential.
- Should be open-minded, a fast learner, enthusiastic, and adaptable.

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