Marketing Intern & Social Media Expert

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The Social Media Intern is responsible for assisting Swank Properties in managing its social media pages and for developing additional pages on some of the newest platforms. The goal of this position will be to increase the organization’s online presence, reach a larger audience, gather information and increase awareness. Additionally, the intern’s responsibilities would include research of social network marketing trends, report of these findings and implementation of relevant strategies.


This part-time, unpaid intern will report to the Marketing & Guest Services team member and will work with other staff as needed. Once underway, the intern may work from home if desired. Projects and duties include:

1. Research social networking strategies and trends.
2. Help develop a blog
3. Curate content for Swank Properties social network pages on Facebook and Twitter
4. Develop a Swank Properties Pinterest page and curate content for it
5. Expand Swank Properties presence on LinkedIn
6. Monitor the presence of similar organizations on social networking sites.
7. Manage upper MGMT's presence on LinkedIn and other sites as needed.


Desired qualifications are as follows:
1. Strong understanding of social media and social networking with the ability to efficiently research trends and best practices.
2. A creative and innovative thinker with the ability to understand the role of social networking in the hospitality sector, and create content in the appropriate voice for the organization.
3. Good attention to detail.
4. Excellent written communication skills with the ability to provide written reports as needed.
5. Provide links to 1-3 social networking profiles to demonstrate interest and knowledge
6. Possess skills in writing, presentation, interpersonal relations, and customer management

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