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KokoChé Internship
Fall 2013

KokoChé strives to empower local communities.

We are a mobile subscription service for local merchants to offer real-time deals to the community under $5. Backed by the LA Mayor´s Office, KokoChé keeps money local by boosting neighborhood sales and building a hometown base for merchants. We´re all about supporting local!

As a KokoChé Marketing intern, you will hone your skills in corporate strategy, marketing and advertising. Additionally, you will build a solid understanding of what it takes to build a startup company from scratch. You will collaborate closely with the founders of KokoChé on a daily basis.

We are working with universities locally to help you earn academic credit for working with us.

Please contact us for more information at:


We need your help with the following:

-Register local businesses with KokoChé
-game-ify the mobile experience
-Build your own network of businesses in your community
-Help to market and promote KokoChé to the community
-Manage a team of Sales Interns

Campaigning for KokoChé will primarily take place in East LA, Downtown, USC, and surrounding neighborhoods. The position will requires minimum of 15 hours per week, working both in the field and occasionally with the founders.

The position will require between 10 and 20 hours per week, working both in the field and occasionally with the founders.


-Intern applicants should preferably be fluent in any of the following languages, spanish, korean or mandarin

- live locally in the Los Angeles area as of September 2013

-preferably with experience in sales + marketing

-have strong interpersonal skills

-Have a great understanding of local communities and the needs of small businesses

-tech savvy with access to a smart phone

How To Apply

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