Marketing Internship

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Learning Objectives or Other Goals:

1. Interns will learn firsthand about the steps involved in the creation of a multi-faceted Marketing Program including objectives, framework, materials, implementation and management.

2. Interns will learn firsthand how to plan, coordinate and manage specific Special Events, meetings, presentations and business transactions.

3. Interns will learn firsthand how to hone their business and communication skills in a wide variety of contexts.

Intern's Activities:

1. Understanding of Marketing Plan, research, development of marketing and program materials for print, web, phone and live presentations.

2. Understanding of Meetings/Special Events/Program as to how they relate to fulfilling organizational objectives. Planning, researching, budgeting, contracting, coordinating, marketing and managing.

3. Understanding of the business objectives of the organization, and the importance of effective communication. Interns will create and follow communication scripts, emails and documents to ensure that they understand and effectively communicate their objectives.


Intern's Duties:
1. Create custom Excel Spreadsheets
2. Research through Internet Companies and Contacts
3. Write Sample Emails
4. Create Custom Letters in MicroSoft Office and Infacta Group Mail
5. Convert and Export Excel Spreadsheets into .CSV files
6. Set Up Field Based Spreadsheets for Mail Merge Documents
7. Import Data and Merge to Custom Letters and Emails
8. Attend Business Expos and Networking Events for Meet & Greets
9. Use Business Scanning Software for Business Card Contacts
10. Answer Phones Properly
11. Call Contacts for Research
12. Tract, Log and Update Spreadsheets and Databases
13. Attend Meetings and Act Professionally at all Times


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