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Total Coaching LLC
Company Location: Roswell, GA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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Total Coaching LLC, is a full service Life Coaching Business run by 3 Certified Professional Coaches who are also licensed psychologists. Total Coaching specifically targets women as its customer. We offer weekend retreats, individual and group coaching services, training seminars for coaches and continuing education for Coaches as well. We work with women, and any men who are interested, around various issues of importance to them (e.g., finances, parenting, work issues, relationship issues, career decisions, ADHD, etc.). The intern can work from anyplace where they have computer access. We meet once a week at a physical location for a 2 hr. working breakfast or lunch in Duluth or Lawrenceville. The intern is given assignments for the week at that meeting. They are allowed to carry out the tasks on their own time as long as deadlines are met. Assignments will be social media related marketing tasks and light office work.


Upload things daily to social media sites identified in documents.
Post fliers or banners around town for upcoming Total Coaching meetings or events.
Set up pay pal account for use for paid programming.
Assisting with onsite registration for events the day of events
Keeping track of registration forms, email addresses and phone numbers of program attendees
Checking messages on company voicemail
Work with vendors to reserve space for upcoming events, and helping to set up the room for those events once scheduled.


Intern must be internet and social media savvy. Specifically, they must be able to set up accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, You Tube, Evite, Blog sites and other forms of social media. Should also know how to upload changes to our Word Press website when asked to, or to set up a Pay-pal account for upcoming events, and be aware of ways to market upcoming programs.

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