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Description is The Blog for Travelers. The place where you can posts all your travel memories & adventures. Your photos. Your videos. Your stories. Your discoveries. Your travel tips. And share them with your friends, family and other travelers.

We offer a free travel blog and a Premium one that subscribers can customize to their liking in less then an hour.’s members are every traveler in this vast exciting world. Let’s take a peek at the travel industry to better visualize how promising TripMelody’s future is.

Travel Was 2nd-Fastest Growing U.S. Industry in '13

The BEA's first-ever estimates of GDP growth by industry show that travel posted the No. 2 growth rate of all U.S. industries in 2013, trailing only the agricultural sector.

The BEA report only adds to the evidence that travel is setting a blistering recovery pace. Department of Labor statistics show that the travel sector has recovered 138 percent of the jobs it lost in the recession, versus only 92 percent for the U.S. economy overall. Inbound international travel—counted as an export—grew at a rate of 9.1 percent in 2013—more than four times faster than other goods and services—and remains the United States' third-largest export.

Consumers want to travel and want to save money doing it. Consumers simply see booking travel plans online as the best way to get the most for their money and time.

Growing Numbers - A Look Ahead

Forecasts predict a new golden era for travel. The online travel industry's numbers are predicted to double in the coming decade. This means online travel could be a $250 billion business in the U.S. with over 75% of travel plans being made exclusively online.

Google predicts that the rise in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets will have a major impact on online travel as 8% of their users and growing will book travel on-the-go.

Report also predicts that large emerging markets will be driving this growth, with China set to surpass the U.S to become the world’s largest outbound travel market this year and the biggest domestic market by 2017.

Why Join

1. Our concept is unique
We are the only Blog for Travelers created to date.

2. The Travel Industry is Innovative
The travel industry is one of the most competitive and innovative industries in the world. This ensures that new creative ideas and services are constantly being developed to keep up with traveler’s needs.

3. Tourism is a Growth Industry
Forecasts predict a new golden era for travel with the online travel industry's numbers predicted to double in the coming decade to $250 billion business in the U.S.

4. Making People Happy
Lastly, but certainly not least is our potential to make people happy, helping them to go on their dream holiday and creating an experience they’ll never forget. “Our job is to make people happy.”

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You may be contributing to any of the following exciting jobs:
- Help spread the words about in the world travelers' community
- Introduce to Travel Media (TV shows, channels, radios, editors, magazines)
- Create marketing campaign to boost TripMelody's presence
- Better understand the travel community needs
- You will study all possible ways to use social networking to make the name more recognized
- You will participate in coming out with good ideas and better ways to promote
- You will work REMOTELY from your home and use your own computer and internet connection. No need to live in San Francisco where we are located.


- Be passionate about traveling
- Understand the core of
- Be a good communicator, writer with a style and humor
- Be interested in helping travelers record and share their dream holidays
- Be good at connecting with people and talking about our company and services
- Care to help our members and travelers in general
- Love to learn, positive attitude, and can think outside the box
- Be tech-savvy, understand the internet, blogs, computers, and Microsoft Office

How To Apply

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