Marketing Internship Opportunity with an Internet Start Up

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Company Location: Beverly Hills, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Part-time, Paid
Timeframe: ? — 05/03/13

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What the heck is a Waygoz?

Waygoz, is the social network that connects local gamers to meet up with one another to meet up and swap used games. Waygoz’ goal is to make buying overpriced used video games a thing of the past. Why trade in at a store when you can swap for free?

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Waygoz in the media

Waygoz Campus Manager Description

The opportunity for a student is to be the Waygoz Campus Manager. You will work to build the game swapping community on campus, team up with other students and organizations in doing so, and work on nearly all aspects of a business – from marketing to digital strategy to operations – to ensure the success of their new venture. Pay is based on goals met within the program – we expect our top Campus managers to earn a few thousand dollars this year. And, our Top 3 managers will find themselves as owners of a classic, stand up arcade game.

The position is expected to last for the duration of the school year.


The ideal candidate:

Loves video games. You know the ins and out of everything from Call of Duty to MarioKart.;
Still plays their Gameboy on a regular basis;
Is a self motivator and self starter who works well independently as well as with a team
Leadership experience involved and connected with influencers on campus.
Is a strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
Outgoing, helpful and positive
Avid user of social media
Interested in Entrepreneurship and Start-up
Looking for experience in sales, marketing or management
Wants to change people behavior patterns and routines.

Do you want to learn what entrepreneurship is all about? Are you looking for an opportunity to enhance your professional development and leadership will gaining valuable resume experience? If so, The Waygoz Campus Manager is a great way to learn the ins and outs of building a start up.

You will

Work remotely from campus with one member of the Waygoz team (located in Toronto).
Participate in monthly educational conferences where you will have a chance to collaborate with various members of the Waygoz team.
Recruit and manage 2 to 4 people who will work under you to grow the Waygoz community at your school.

As a Waygoz Campus Manager , you’ll gain the unique experience as leader and manager of your own team and campus community of users. By being the first to found this community around your school you’ll dictate the direction of this program and what it means for the future of Waygoz on campus.

Recruit, hire and manage team of Interns
Grow the base of users on campus
Oversee Waygoz Social Media Accounts
Plan and execute marketing promotions and events
Stimulate and facilitate game swapping
Document, record and contribute stories for PR outlets
Think creatively, take action and hustle hard to help us mold our vision for Waygoz on campus.
You will be incentivized on user acquisition, breaking certain statistic thresholds and how healthy the Waygoz community is (how many user join, how many game swaps are offered and how many swaps get completed) supported by you and team.

When you apply, show us your creativity. You’ll lose points for sending me a boring resume. Be creative, stalk us on Twitter, fire us a video that captures the real you or set up a Tumblr account in our honor. Do No Bore Us!!

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