Marketing Internship with Gourmet Food E-Commerce Retailer

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Do you want to learn about marketing an online retail business first-hand?
Do you want to get hands-on experience in the marketing department of a high-end gourmet food company?
Do you want to be part of the team behind a national ecommerce retailer headquartered right here in Rochester?
Are you hungry? Hungry to learn, hungry for experience, hungry for steak …
Send us your resume already!

Lobel’s of New York is a gourmet online butcher shop. We offer our customers the finest and freshest meats available anywhere—at any price. We are a small family-owned business. The Lobels are 4th- and 5th-generation master butchers who have been serving Manhattan’s elite at their corner butcher shop since the 1950s. We are the online arm of the business who’ve been serving the entire United States since 2000. For more information on our company, please see



As our Marketing Intern, you’ll get real-world experience in being part of a marketing team. You’ll learn how to measure company goals and benchmark against the competition. You’ll get presentation experience—presenting reports on a weekly basis to the entire Marketing Department. You’ll be an important part of the team as you provide a real-time window into our business’s KPIs.

You will produce and present weekly reports on our marketing and sales performance and on our key competitors. It’s important info that gives us all essential insight into our daily marketing activities! (And you’ll get to know Google Analytics really well!) You will also conduct marketing research on industry trends, which you’ll report on as well.
Additionally, you’ll develop and complete a self-chosen project. This lets you focus on what you’re most interested in—or what you’re most interested in learning more about—and also gives you a great piece to put in your portfolio.

Plus, you’ll be included in anything that’s going on here. This might include development of marketing emails and social media, product development, product and sales promotions, customer relationship management activities, advertising, public relations, promotional events, partnership activities, development of collateral materials, website development, and marketing planning and research.


Are you majoring in business, marketing, communications, or a similar area? Are you eager to learn, reliable, and able to work independently? Are you resourceful? Can you problem-solve like a pro? Are you friendly and easy to work with? Do you enjoy being part of a small, close-knit team? Are you proficient in Microsoft Office? Are you very comfortable with technology, good at online research, and familiar with all the major social media outlets? When you learn something, do you leave it at that, or do you say “so what?” and dig further to learn more? If so, you might be our next Marketing Intern!


Required - Microsoft Office

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