Marketing Internship with Mercantile Capital Corporation

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Mercantile Capital Corporation (MCC) is an award-winning, entrepreneurial finance company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners create wealth through smarter commercial property ownership. We basically do one thing: help small business owners buy/build/expand their commercial real estate by providing smarter financing. What makes it smarter? We’ll explain all that if and when you choose to work with us. For now, you should know that we’re about 20 people strong — not a very big company. Yet we compete against behemoth lending institutions every day, and fair pretty well.


We have a unique task as a marketing team. It turns out that small business commercial property financing isn’t terribly exciting (unless you’re a business owner who’s really excited about owning your commercial property, and there are only so many of those out there). So we have our work cut out for us. What we aim for is omnipresence — the more places we can show up, the more likely it is we’ll stick out to our potential clients and the folks who can refer those people to us.

Our CEO, Chris Hurn, is extremely involved in the marketing of our company. He loves doing it, and he’s never out of ideas. In a sense, we’re an implementation team — Chris gets big ideas and we have to figure out the best ways to implement them. What we do is fast-paced. It changes constantly. To be honest, we’re sort of flying by the seat of our pants most of the time. And we have fun with it.



First of all, you have to be more than just a warm body. You have to be eager to learn, willing to take direction, and desperate to contribute meaningfully to our efforts. We have prescribed ways of doing certain things, but we’re also willing to entertain new ideas. If you’re told to do something and we explain how it’s usually done, then you should start there (there’s probably a reason we do it that way). However, if you find there’s a better, more efficient way of doing it, you should tell us about it. If you’re right, and you’ve made a huge breakthrough, we’ll tell you ‘Good job!’ and then ‘Get back to work!’

Second of all, what we do isn’t always glamorous. Truth be told, most of marketing is a lot of grunt work. If all you want to do is come up with ideas for sleek print ads that utilize the Golden Ratio and lots of negative space, we’re probably not the place for you. We’re all about doing whatever it takes to get the job done. At the end of the day, we want to make the phone ring so we can help another small business owner finance his commercial property so we can make money so we can get our paychecks so we can put gas in our Aston Martins. (That part about Aston Martins isn’t true.)

Here are some things you’ll probably help us with:

»»Answering phones. We try our darndest to make the phone ring, and it has to be answered the right way or we won’t get new clients or help the ones we have.

»»Manage the creation of information kits. People request these online and we take them to networking events and tradeshows, so they need to be updated and put together fairly frequently.

»»Help with direct mail campaigns. We don’t do this as much as we used to, but there’s a chance you’ll do some envelope-stuffing.

»»Help create and distribute press releases. We’re always looking to get the word out about the companies we finance.

»»You may even get to do some copywriting. We write a lot of copy around here.

»»If you know anything about graphic design, we’ll probably have you work on some infographics and stuff like that.

And there’s probably a lot more you’ll do, too. Again, we’re looking for people who are team players and are ready and willing to play whatever role necessary to grow our company and make it awesomer than before. We’ll pay you as an intern (it’s not much, but some money is better than no money), and we hope you’ll work somewhere between 15 and 25 hours a week. Also, our office is downtown, which is hip and cool.

If you think you can cut the mustard, fax us your resume and a written explanation of why we should hire you and tell all the other applicants to get lost. Fax that stuff to 407-682-1632 (Attention: Nikos). If you don’t fax your stuff to us, you’ll be ignored. Fax only. Thanks.

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