Marketing Maven in Training Needed

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Wanted: Assistant to the Event Marketing Maven and team

First, the good news. We are doing big things and we are looking for an ambitious college student to work with. If you are looking to get experience, earn an amazing recommendation and get paid for your awesome writing skills and your love of social media, then this is the opportunity for you.


About the gig:

This job will involve a lot of the following:

-Creative writing
-Editing and proofreading
-Photo organization
-Social media implementation
-SEO implementation on photos, Pinterest boards, blogs etc.
-Supporting clients and our company at industry events (along side the Marketing Maven herself, if you enjoy doing that)

This job is Part-time/15 hours a week If you earn your keep there is a possibility of more hours!

Learn more about us:

If you are interested in gig please submit a cover letter about:
-Who you are
-Why you are interested in an opportunity like this
-3 questions you want to know about the company
-3 of your strengths

And.. please, impress me.. I want to see some creativity! Spelling, grammar, and writing skills count too.


Who you are and what we are looking for:

Must have:

-Ability to take direction well
-Ability to follow examples
-Ability to work remotely

Personal qualities that we look for:

You get excellent grades on papers, with hardly any marks off for spelling and grammar.

You're a grammar Nazi and love to proofread.

You either keep a journal by your side or actually consider creative writing as a hobby.

You have random great ideas and have to immediately write them down in your smartphone note feature.

You can manage multiple projects at once and know how to manage your time.

You’re confident, but can leave your ego at the door.

You can agree to disagree and still function like an adult if you don’t get your way.

You're positive and love learning.

Technology fascinates you and you enjoy tweeting about the latest trends.

You realize that because you read this far and this closely that you’re already ahead of those 42 who didn’t. They just blindly sent in their resume without any of the requisite requirements or qualities. Don’t worry though, we submitted their email address to 50 of our favorite newsletter mailing lists.

Perhaps most importantly, you’re a communicator, a constant promoter and lover of technology, culture, design, and fashion.

You understand social media, what it is, and what it isn’t.

How To Apply

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