Marketing & PR Coordinator

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Boston, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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This internship is made available through Enoch Entertainment, a New England-based music promotion company. The intern(s) will work under the direction of this organization in promoting and marketing a pop/rock band. The intern(s) will be involved in a variety of promotional activities and will participate in the execution of a comprehensive marketing/event strategy. Interns will participate in regular marketing/event strategy sessions and may work individually or in team formats for some projects. This internship will give students an inside look at many aspects of the music/entertainment industry (event coordination, public relations, marketing concepts, social media strategies, print media, radio, etc.) and will provide hands-on experience to help students interested in securing jobs in marketing, advertising, talent management or public relations in the music or entertainment fields. Students will leave this internship with a portfolio of work and clear success metrics associated with their involvement (for example, the media distribution list grew by 30%, and "street team" grew by 50%) that will give students a leg up in securing a job after graduation. This position offers students an excellent opportunity to make great industry contacts as well. And it will be fun!


• Developing creative content for and distributing marketing materials for events and concerts, including posters, point-of-purchase marketing signs/boards, flyers, etc.
• Drafting press releases and media advisories for distribution to a variety of media organizations.
• Development and oversight of media distribution lists and correspondence with appropriate contact people at these organizations (primarily print media, i.e. newspapers and other publications).
• Concert promotion activities.
• Developing and executing strategies to grow the band's "street team." This may involve coordination with students from other colleges and organizations to help grow brand awareness and generate interest in band activities.
• Participation in promotional event activities during local band performances (merchandising, giveaways, and general event coordination & logistics).
• In addition, each intern will be encouraged to develop and promote at least one of their own alternative marketing concepts to support the overall marketing plan for the band, and to further explore areas that may be of individual interest.

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