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Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha
2516 49th Street Unit 2
Boulder, CO
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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At Rowdy Mermaid we build raw, low sugar beverages with complex and harmonious flavors. We rely on wildcrafted organic herbs, cold-pressed juice and Colorado snowmelt as the understory of each recipe. Our kombuchary and taproom located in pristine Boulder, Colorado brings the element of craft to the functional beverage industry.

Currently, however, we are a single person operation that needs to get up and running. We are trying to get a website built and make a social media presence in order to build an audience. We also need to make a kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks. We also need to begin going to stores, yoga studios, and cafes with the intention of marketing our company and our brand.


We need someone for between 10-20 hours a week to start.

This time will at first be comprised of building spreadsheets showing our marketing outreach campaign: listing stores, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, farmer's markets, yoga events and anywhere we might sell. Identifying the marketing needs of those locations: do they deal directly with companies or do they require a distributor? When do we need to apply? Are there licenses involved? Are there fees? Can we set up in-store demos? Do we need a booth?

The other component is research and online marketing. We need someone to update our audience with tidbits about kombucha in general and RMK in particular. We have some blogging needs. Twitter followers need updates.

Also, teach us what we don't know about marketing. Show us new ways of approaching the market.


Must have a solid understanding of marketing and, especially, social media marketing. Must know how to operate a computer, build spreadsheets, build and execute a marketing plan. Must be willing and able to go to stores and speak with managers and owners to build interest in our brand. You must be able to repeatedly lift up to 25lbs. We need someone who can write well so that our marketing outreach doesn't fail due to typographical or grammatical errors.

And finally, you absolutely must be reliable.

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