Marketing Specialist Intern

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Job Description

As a Marketing Specialist for MCT Technology, candidates will design, execute, and manage promotional strategies for some of our latest products. It will be the marketing specialist’s responsibility to study our target audience on a local level and build relationships within the community in order to become a standing influence for our potential customers. The ideal candidate will embody the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, and values. As this extension of MCT Technology, the ambassador should build trusting and professional relationships with potential clients, while simultaneously creating a positive association between our product and the customer’s professional needs.

A marketing specialist should be present within the community to generate interest about our product and be available to answer questions from potential customers. Your influence will make MCT Technology’s market offering more appealing and generate a higher demand for our software products.



• Design promotional strategies that can be executed on a local and personable level.
- Small demonstrations
- Lunch Meetings
- Seminars/Conference Talks
• Maintain strict schedule to execute promotional strategies and events
• Collect & analyze feedback from potential clients
• Provide weekly update and analysis to corporate marketing &design team
• Consult with corporate team to stay current with product changes
• Research events and venues for networking & promoting opportunities
• Conduct preliminary research on potential clients
• Report weekly plans and progress to corporate to ensure adequate resources are available.



• Bachelor degree in related major is preferred
• Enthusiasm for technology solutions and paperless systems
• Excellent communication skills: writing invitations, speaking in public, and hosting private meetings.
• Possess appealing personality & personable demeanor
• Basic computer knowledge, technology background or training preferred
• Customer Service, Marketing, Sociology, & Human Behavior Backgrounds preferred
• Charisma, Reliable, Attentive, & Impeccable Follow Through

How To Apply

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