Digital Marketing Strategy Internship

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ThigPro is invested in sustainability. We want to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth in order to build stronger families and enhance the overall social health of our global community members.

ThigPro provides life management consultation and professional development services that include customized in-service trainings for employees, interactive workshops for trainers and intensive coaching for women entrepreneurs. Our in-services are for organizations who want their employees to increase productivity and value the proficiency that is birthed from balanced personnel. Our modified workshops are open to entrepreneurs, trainers and transitioning professionals focused on career management and enhancement of leadership and preservation skills.


- Advance strategic plans by critiquing and revising the current digital strategy
- Develop marketing proposals, high quality powepoint presentations that include charts, graphics and interactive videos
-Provide reports on SEO metrics (rankings, conversions, etc) and analytics
- Assist in identifying potential business opportunities
-Social Media Outreach and rapport building to develop strategic business relationships
- Virtual outreach to credible bloggers and radio stations to build strategic collaborative partners
-Create internet marketing communication plan
-Assist with the planning for special digital events, sponsorship development and media communications


-Internet marketing experience is a must
- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and collaborate effectively as a team member
- Ability to communicate at all levels with internal/external clients by phone, email and face to face
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, Excel, and Power Point, Outlook),
-Some knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Forms, Photoshop, Slideshare is preferable
-Adept to learning social media platforms such as Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
- A positive attitude with good organizational, presentation and writing skills
- Pursuing a Bachelors degree or higher.

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