Marketing and Business Development for LEAGUE X Boutique Agency with Option of Full Time Hire

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League X
Company Location: Shanghai, VA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Full-time, Paid

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We are a disruptive boutique agency comprised of serial entrepreneurs, marketeers, branding/creative talent and strategic consultants. We focus on three verticals— large multinationals that are looking to reach their B2C customers more effectively, mid-sized tech startups and truly innovative emerging brands. We offer a range of services, from business development and strategy, to creative and experience design to marketing and communications.

Our corporate clients come to us for intropreneurship and innovation.
Our small business clients come to us for growth strategy and execution.

We are looking to hire
1. People we enjoy working with
2. People who want help the firm succeed

Because we spend a lot of time on goal setting, career development and training, we are not hiring interns to do get coffee and do random busy work. We are hiring interns to take on real responsibilities and learn how to react when the going gets tough.

We want people who want to create, have interesting conversations and make more of themselves. If you want the answers to life, we can’t give them to you, but working here will help you find them. It will help you understand what is important to you and what is not.

Internships at League X are nothing more than a trial period for both you and us to learn more about each other and how we fit. If you do well (as defined by your goals) we will hire you full time, give you highly competitive pay, tons of training and access to a wide network. And you will live happily ever after.

This is a fast moving, high pressure environment, that will challenge you. If that excites you, we want you. If it scares you, please do not apply.


+ Digital Marketing: Managing communities and creating content for Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, Weibo, etc.
+ Press outreach: Finding and pitching both traditional and niche publications, and creating relationships with journalists and bloggers
+ Research: Client reports into demographics, competitive intelligence, background, SWOT, etc.
+ Pitching: Brainstorming angles and drafting emails to potential clients
+ Content Creation: ghostwriting for major publications, content for websites, etc
+ Analytics: Managing Google Analytics to identify KPI’s and key metrics specific to ecommerce and social media


Other than the obvious requirements such as cooperative abilities, quick learning, and out-of-the-box thinking, the following are more concrete requirements:

+ Completion of (or in process of completing) a 4 year degree from a top tier university
+ Native or proficient fluency in English and/or Chinese
+ Previous experience in creative sectors or entrepreneurship, and the area in which you are applying (please check specific requirement above)
+ Demonstrated leadership in previous academic and professional environments, as well as expressed initiative on creative projects
+ Social media fluency, copywriting skills with a strong voice, ability to write and read one language other than English fluently (Chinese preferred)

How To Apply

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