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If you have an outgoing personality, obsession with social media, and looking to build your marketing experience fast, this position might be for you. Help introduce our new application to Boston and for every app install receive rewards that grow as you expand our market. Reach for new reward tiers and find your compensation get higher the better you do. We reward winners and see this as an opportunity to find a select group of passionate, knowledgeable interns for a professional internship program in the summer of 2014.

How you accomplish your goal is completely up to you - we are looking for highly motivated people who can deliver results! This practical experience will help you cross-functionally in marketing, advertising, and sales as you progress along your career path.

Who are we?
A group of dedicated entrepreneurs looking to change the way people build relationships. We believe that the key thing lacking in the dating space is trust. It's weird meeting people online or on your mobile phone because you're connecting with strangers. On SetMeUp, you meet people through recommendations by your friends, a true social accountability platform.

Who are you?
An irresistibly positive individual who is passionate about our product and vision.

Your goal?
Grow our user base through a marketing strategy created and executed by you. Contribute ideas and content to our overall marketing strategy while also actively engaging with us through our numerous social media channels.

What’s in it for you?
Besides a generous incentive plan that only gets better as you do better, you will have the potential to join a coveted group of interns in a variety of professional roles for course credit/pay in summer 2014. You will gain practical business and marketing experience that you can leverage into your next position. Receive a personal letter of recommendation and access to an extensive and influential professional network.

What do you need to be successful?
Well, since our app exists on Facebook, you should probably know your way around liking a status, tagging a picture, downloading an app, etc. (the basics, right?). Having a large network and knowing how to utilize it is a fast track to success, but we don't discount the creatives.

What do you need to be really successful?
Think-outside-the-box skills, and a sick obsession with social media. Lack of shyness and a willingness to approach new people is a huge plus too.

About SetMeUp
SetMeUp is a social discovery app where you meet new people through mutual friends on Facebook, allowing you to leverage your own social circles to build relationships.

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