Marketing assistant

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Phoenix Choice Investments
Company Location: Midwest City, OK
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Paid

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Projects for Interns

We are a real estate investment company.

This is a commission paid internship.

The Interns will complete different projects such as:

A. Compile lists of and make contact with nationwide real estate hedge funds and buyers of bulk REO properties and/or notes.
B. Compile lists of and make contact with banks and credit unions nationwide in order to facilitate the sale of performing or non- performing assets (real estate or notes) to buyers.
C. Make contact with other sellers of real estate in various areas, in order to find properties for us to purchase that need rehab work, that after the rehab is performed, we can then re-sell.
D. Make contact with other nationwide professionals in the real estate field such as realtors, title companies, contractors and appraisers whose services we utilize to run our business.
E. Set up and/or manage our company's existing various marketing campaigns, including performing marketing research, tracking, overseeing marketing and speaking with future clients.
F. Perform market research in other areas/states to help expand our company into other areas/states.
G. Understand various real estate and financial related paperwork and forms and be able to complete any and all paperwork necessary for the sale of any real estate transactions.
H. Contact and maintain excellent relationships with our private investor clients in order to obtain financing with them for our future real estate transactions.

Tools required:
Computer with high speed internet
Printer with the ability to scan and fax


Keep in mind, this could work out to be a long term relationship between us that could turn into long term employment with our company. We will be expanding into the Atlanta, GA area this fall. We are real family owned business who wants to find others who we can work with and help to reach their own goals as well as ours.

Your projects will include gathering information based on current real estate markets, organizing that information, speaking with other real estate professionals, learning about the correct legal forms used in real estate and marketing to find specific properties, among many other things that will teach you and give you real world experience in the exciting world of real estate.
We ask that when you contact us, please send us a cover letter with the following in it:

1. Based on what you've seen in our posting, please tell us why you think you'd be a good fit for our company and what you are looking to gain from the experience.

2. Please tell us what some of your goals are in business and in life.

3. Please ask us any questions about our job posting that you may have. We want you to understand exactly what it is that you'll be doing, when you're suppose to do it and how you'll be paid. We want this to be a great experience for you as well as us.


No experience in the field of real estate is necessary. We will train an individual who is responsible, hard working and has integrity. You'll be doing numerous different projects related to real estate, marketing and customer relations and we'll teach you what works in business in the real world.

How To Apply

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