Marketing for a Good Cause with Kiss The Ground 501c3

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Kiss The Ground
681 Flower Ave.
Venice, CA
Posted: June 09 2014
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Non-profit Organization: Kiss The Ground (KTG)


Address: 628 Flower Ave.
Venice CA 90291

Position: Media/Art/Marketing Intern

Course Credit (when applicable)
1 - 3 Portfolio Projects (that the intern will take ownership of)
4 Day Regenerative Farming Certification course (Optional - value $695.00)
Start Date: September 1st - December 31st (preferred but flexible if need be)
Total Work Hours: 20 hrs or less/week

Mission: We are a non-profit that exists to share The Soil Story, and to promote and implement the rebuilding of soils to improve human and planetary health.

Why We Care: Conventional Agriculture vs. REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE

The #1 Cause of CO2 to the atmosphere is also the #1 solution for reducing carbon from the atmosphere.
Conventional agricultural practices have moved 50-70 percent of carbon once stored in the soil into the atmosphere. This amounts to 65% of all CO2 added to the atmosphere by humans.
Rebuilding soils, using regenerative agricultural practices, like composting and inoculation of micro organisms, brings carbon from the atmosphere back into the soil.
The #1 Reason soil water holding capacity is down 75% is also the #1 Solution for increasing soil’s water holding capacity.
Conventional agriculture has decreased the water holding capacity of the top soil by 75. That means far more water is wasted, farmers loose money, polluted water ways, and lack of water available for plants during droughts.
Rebuilding soils by adding compost (organic mater) increases the water holding capacity of soil. Reducing water needs by 30-75 percent. Adding 1% organic matter allows an acre of land to hold 17,500 more gallons of water.

What We Do:

KTG focuses on 3 vehicles for change:

Education through Media
Implementation through Policy
Demonstration of Regenerative Agriculture

KTG Media Production Department is telling “The Soil Story”: why rebuilding soil is critical for human health and reversing climate change.


Managing social media presence
Assisting with small and large scale event execution i.e. volunteer, fundraising events, educational events, community outreach events etc.
Market research i.e. survey creation and execution to inform media production team, etc.
Reporting to Marketing Directors:

Director of Kony 2012 video, “ most viral video ever” (TIME). Specialties include:Filmmaking, Government Liaison, Branding and Identity, Products, Gamification and corporate structure. Co-Founder of The Global Poverty Project and Founder of The Brave.  

Graduate of Harvard University, Gina’s combination of directing and marketing experience allow her to create powerful TV, web and social media content that organically produces the clients desired results. She is an award-winning director and former VP of Marketing. Gina leverages her marketing skills by managing social media and creating video content for a series of consumer product clients including: Hippie Chips, Bakflip Tonneau Covers amongst others. Gina’s background and skills in filmmaking and marketing enable her to deliver striking images with strong emotional content and compelling call-to-action.


Social Media/Marketing Intern:
Interns will work to enhance the company’s current social media efforts and create new social media portals. Interns will improve current social media visibility, attract new supporters and maintain social media pages to represent current programming. Interns will work closely with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Four Square. A marketing internship supports the company activities relate to determining market climate and converting volunteers and financial backers. Marketing internships offer experience in internet, non-tradition, viral, and corporate marketing.

Researching relevant sites and blogs that fit with the KTG profile

Seeding our great content across sites, blogs, and through social media channels

Market and competitive research

Attending and documenting KTG events

Researching the latest trends in digital media, social media, and online marketing

Utilizing basic Photoshop and HTML skills

Develop long-term and short-term marketing strategies and social media campaigns

Offer ideas concerning revision and redesign of current promotional materials

Compiling social media reports

Gain experience developing email marketing campaigns and track results using MailChimp

Gain experience utilizing a marketing calendar to support business objectives

Gain experience tracking social media analytics using HootSuite,, and other software and compiling reports

Develop strong collaborative skills working closely with our Director of Marketing and other team leaders

Earn credits as a media Production Assistant while working with multiple producers to help shape and edit the content that will be aired throughout the network.

How To Apply

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