Marketing intern

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Celestix Networks
3125 Skyway Dr
Fremont, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Full-time, Unpaid
Timeframe: ? — 04/01/13

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Celestix Networks is offering an internship position in marketing, based on our Fremont, CA office. This position is designed for those who want to get real world experience in corporate marketing. Successful candidates will be able to work on, and learn about the following aspects of marketing, lead generation, and integration with sales.
• Social media marketing with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin
• Generating leads via webinars
• Tracking sales leads and converting them to forecasted prospects
• Integration of marketing efforts with Customer Relationship Management systems
• Inbound marketing with content via blogs, whitepapers etc.
• Analyze visitor traffic from web to determine trends and correlate them with marketing events
• Analyze the return on investment (ROI) of marketing initiatives
• Write and publish press releases
• Create landing pages to capture visitor interest
• Research and identify relevant trade publications
• Interact with editors of trade publications
• Increase customer engagement during trade shows
• Work with other departments in the company, like sales, product management and technical support
Celestix is a global company with a sales force in three continents so marketing projects have to take regional differences in account – further increasing the learning opportunities.
This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to add a practical dimension to their academic background in marketing. After successfully completing the internship, the candidate will be well positioned to apply for full time marketing positions (including at Celestix Networks) with practical experience and recommendations.
Multiple positions are available and each position is offered for up to 6 months. While timings can be flexible, the office is in Fremont, CA, USA.

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