Marketing to Government for Small Businesses

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Federal Vesting Government Consultants
Orlando, FL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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Federal Vesting Government Consultants was established to fill that void and provide training, consultation, and complete back-office contract management to owners who would like to grow their business by adding federal, state, and local government agencies to their customer base. Federal Vesting Government Consultants is comprised of experienced individuals who are ready to show you how to start winning government contracts on your own or take over as your government contract outsource provider. Either way, we make getting government business, business as usual.

The role of the Intern will be to communicate with Small business owners, CEO's, VP's, CFO's, and explain to them the advantages of doing business with the Government (federal, state, local, higher ed, and K thru 12). The Intern's goal is to educate the consumer on doing business with the Government. The intern will work remotely, and will be compensated a commisssion for any Client that signs for our services. Training can be done in a few hours. We teach the Intern everything they need to know to be successful.


Daily duties will include research on Government websites, and sending e-mails, and making several phone calls. This on the job training is more than enough information that will prepare the Intern for Government Contracts experience.

Would also like to add that full time, or part time will work for us. We also will pay 20 % of contract total if Client signs for our services.

Applications are accepted year round. Feel free to call anytime till 8 p.m. est.


Excellent communication skills. Excel is helpful.

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