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We build both in-house and virtual teams, construct digital marketing campaigns, and create business development strategy for corporations. Leveraging our technology, people, processes, and social interaction capabilities, we assist our clients in reaching their revenue objectives. Our specific methodology integrates, tracks, and analyzes lead generation, telesales, search marketing, social media, SMS, hand-held applications, e-mail, and mobile marketing.

This internship will encompass duties surrounding all of the above areas.


You will learn how to manage and build your own company.

The internship will entail instruction (50% of internship) as well as hands on execution of strategy (50% of internship).

The internship is heavy on the interaction side (in other words you will be expected to speak with people in person and on the phones regularly).

The internship is commission / performance based -- you will receive a percentage of all your sales and marketing work that translates into actual revenue.

Intern earnings vary greatly depending on performance / effort and a variety of other factors.

You will primarily be working with You will also have an opportunity to help work with and grow our incubation companies here:

Here are a few of the areas that we will be touching upon during the internship:

Marketing strategy analysis (internet marketing, social media marketing, direct marketing, e-mail marketing, re-marketing, inbound marketing, search engine marketing).
Learning of both B2B and B2C sales/negotiation strategies (for both simple and complex sales).
Development/refinement of existing and new offerings/strategy of Cognizant Ventures.
Understanding of the full spectrum of marketing mediums and when to utilize them.
Tracking return on investment from marketing and sales initiatives.
Involvement/training in CRM software (,, inbound marketing (, and other tools.
Active selling of the Cognizant Ventures marketing, sales, and advertising service/product offerings.
Active involvement/integration of sales and marketing initiatives/goals with the programming/development/design teams.

The goal of the internship is to provide you with 1) a participatory showcase of core marketing, sales, and business development concepts 2) an introduction to the tools and people that complement/integrate with these areas 3) a platform to strategize, collaborate, and execute your own ideas.

By the end of the summer, you will gain experience that will help separate you from other qualified job seekers. Corporations now specifically look for:

Individuals that understand how sales/marketing/software/programming departments interact and work together to drive revenue.
Employees who know how to utilize technology to integrate, improve, and supplement sales and marketing practices.
Candidates who have developed and executed their own real-world/ practical strategies with quantifiable results.

Also, you will receive:

A written (or recommendation from one of our executives detailing/highlighting your strengths.
A tutorial on how to optimize your profile to build your professional network.
A tutorial on how to use to efficiently gain multiple job offers.


First and foremost, we are looking for individuals with a personable, upbeat, professional, and likeable personality.
A critical degree of responsiveness and diligence is expected.
Basic levels of proficiency in using the Internet and popular social media websites like Google, Facebook, and Craigslist.
A pro-active and self-directed work ethic.
Comfortable with heavy doses of human and phone interaction.
Basic understanding of marketing concepts and marketing channels.

This is a paid internship. Interns will receive 10-15% of the profits that result from their business development efforts.
Interns that fulfill minimum requirements over the sixteen week period will also have the opportunity to own their own franchised division of Cognizant Ventures.
Minimum commitment is 20 hours per week for eight weeks.

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