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Global Midwife Education Foundation
Company Location: Livingston, MT
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Global Midwife Education Foundation is a 501c3 working to reduce infant and maternal mortality in the developing world. We are looking for an individual to help us develop our marketing ability using social media, advertising, web site development, etc. A creative student who would like a ground up project for our non-profit that hopes to expand our capacity would be ideal. We train midwives, community health workers and nurses, develop water and sanitation systems, and help with contraception to reduce mortality and suffering for extremely impoverished women and children. Applicants can work on this project from home and must be independent. Applicants who can connect with our mission, and are seeking practical work experience that they could use for future references should apply.


Marketing training or experience necessary. References and prior projects will be reviewed.

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