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The College Connect is the one-stop hub for everything college. We’re a young company with an upbeat, exciting atmosphere that’s BIG on teamwork! The best part of it all is: we’re changing the college lifestyle.

We’re looking for on-campus marketing interns with the drive and passion for communication and marketing.

If you’re a sociable individual and find yourself comfortable regardless if you’re in a 5 person group or speaking to a full auditorium then you’re on the right path. We’re looking for high energy, motivated marketing interns who will engage with other students on their campus to market and inform them on the tools available through The College Connect. You will train with the marketing team and learn a number of techniques and principles of marketing.

So you’re interested but now you’re asking yourself: What’s in it for me? That’s what we would be wondering too.

Since this is an unpaid internship we will work with your institution to secure college credits for your time as an intern. That’s the boring part. The fun/best part is you‘ll be getting hands-on experience with a company that moves fast and was created to disturb the market! You will work alongside a team that’s has experience in marketing, sales, and many aspects of business.

We will also send you a bunch of goodies, as well as invitations to events, parties, and access to all of the benefits our employees have! Not to mention if you’re really good we’ll ask you to set up events and take on a whole new level of marketing!

Lastly, if you’re really really really good, we’ll hire you. It’s that simple. While everyone will not be hired, if you blow our socks off we might just invite you to a permanent position on the team.


- Engage with students on-campus on behalf of The College Connect and inform them on the tools we’ve created to better their college experience
- Create relationships with Student Organizations as well as Student Government
- Collaborate with Fraternities/Sororities as well as religious and non-religious student organizations on different projects and events.
- Create online marketing pieces and assist in the growth of our social media accounts
- Increase conversion rates and membership numbers from your institution


- Active presence on-campus at your institution
- Understanding of basic marketing principles
- Extensive experience in social media and a presence on most major social networks
- Eagerness to learn and the ability to pick up concepts and ideas without hesitation
- An understanding of social media and online communities
- Marketing, Business, Liberal Arts or English Majors. (If you have another major but are interested don’t hesitate to apply - we make exceptions for outstanding interns)
- Keen attention to detail
- Excellent Grammer, Spelling, & Communication SkillsAbility to organize and multi-task
- Over the top enthusiasm and motivation for doing BIG things!
- Ability to work within a team environment
- Ability to learn things fast and apply them immediately
- Must be Brave. Fearless. And have a “Always Ready” Mindset.

How To Apply

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