Paid Marketing Internship

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P.F. Auto Brokers
334 North Clarendon Ave Suite B
Scottdale, GA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 8 Part-time, Paid

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About P.F. Auto Brokers
Founded with a focused vision of providing exceptional, full scale Worldwide Automotive Sales, Service, Brokering & Exporting, P.F. Auto Brokers distinguishes itself as a first class provider of quality automobiles to clients and partners here in the US and worldwide. P.F. Auto Brokers buys, sells, exports and services all types of passenger vehicles throughout the United States and world wide.

This internship opportunity consist of participants working hands on with Director of Marketing & Sales on companies offline marketing campaigns for the purposes of generating leads, sales and service lients utilizing display ads, fliers, Business To Business Marketing Partnerships, and Guerilla / Alternative Marketing Techniques. Participants utilize their own skill set and expertise in conjunction with company provided training to achieve the highest level of performance for the company’s offline marketing campaigns.


Duties and responsibilities
Web Marketing Interns work under the direct supervision of the Director of Internet Marketing & Sales, and duties and responsibilities include the following:
• Research, study, create, and implement offline marketing campaigns following policies and procedures provided by the Director of Marketing & Sales. Use Fliers, Display Ads, Direct Mail, Business To Business Marketing Partnerships and Guerrilla / Alternative Marketing Techniques, and other marketing strategies to generate higher levels of sales & vehicle acquisitions, and service clients for company.
• Participating in and contributing to group meetings geared towards developing, testing, and implementing new marketing campaigns. In office weekly meetings are mandatory.
Participants are paid based on the sales generated from their marketing efforts. Gas Stipends and vouchers are awarded to participants to cover transportation cost while conducting tasks related to project. Upon completion of program participants are awarded a letter of completion and recommendation outlining their performance in program and the real world monetary results that their efforts generated


Academic eligibility
This Web Marketing Internship program is offered to students currently in their final year of Bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields: Business, Marketing, Business Management, Graphic Design, or Web Design & Development.

How To Apply

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