Paid Intern: Seeking Work-From-Home Callers To Set Appointments

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Sky High Media, LLC
Company Location: Castle Rock, CO
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Paid

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At Sky High Media, LLC we specialize in a service called Guaranteed Placements. We use a proprietary combination of codes, content and links to rank client websites onto the first page of "organic" listings on Google. Over the years we've gotten incredibly good at what we do, to the point where we now guarantee page-one rankings, in 90-days or less and we put it in writing, something our competitors refuse to do.

What we're looking for is someone who genuinely loves talking to other people. If you truly enjoy meeting new people and talking to others on the phone, you will fit perfectly as a part time telemarketer / appointment setter for our firm.

This Internship is a PAID OPPORTUNITY:
That's right! We actually want to pay you for good production. Here's how you can get paid:

*Earn $5 per confirmed* phone appointment (Confirmed means the appointment gets set and goes through)
*Earn $10 per confirmed* LIVE demonstration (We offer our prospects a chance to speak with us over the phone or meet with us in person for a LIVE demonstration where we show them our system via Laptop or iPad. Same as above, if you set the appointment and it goes through, whether the prospect buys or not, you get paid!)
*Earn 5% of the NET profit on any deal that we close from one of your appointments. (Applies to Phone and LIVE)

**Net Profit applies to the project setup fee ONLY! We do not pay commissions on Client monthly plans.


Here's what a typical day looks like for our Interns:

*Wake up.
*Go to laptop or computer. Check emails for any leads from us.
*Do a solid 2 hour speed dial session and fast pitch our leads.
*Make 50 to 60 dials per 2 hour period.
*Speak to 10 or 15 business owners.
*Setup 5 to 10 appointments (mix of phone and LIVE demo)
*Keep track of all calls made, take notes on each call and mark the date.
*Send off new leads acquired each day to us by email with a calendar invite for each appointment.
*Get paid on the 15th of every month for all weekly pay + commissions.

We give excellent reviews and recommendations to our Interns for future careers. Not only do we write incredible letters but we do Press Releases that go out to 30,000 journalists. We make it known how well you worked for us!


We require that all Interns who work for us, make at least 2 hours of dedicated phone calls each day. In a 2 hour period you should be able to make 50 dials. This is calling with no breaks. Just smile and dial.

We require that all Interns follow our proven phone pitch 100%. No deviation. No making up your own pitch.

*Experience with Internet Marketing is preferred but not necessary.
*Experience with Telemarketing and Appointment Setting preferred but we are willing to train the right people.

*Must work in the AM between 8AM MST and 12PM MST
*Must be Enthusiastic
*Must be Motivated!
*Must be a Goal-Setter!
*Must want to WIN!
*Must follow Instructions!
*Must set 2 appointments per hour of calling time.
*Must be good on the computer.
*Must have a quiet place to make calls.
*Must use own cell phone or land-line to make long distance calls. (We target prospects in Denver, Colorado)

*Remember, you are required to work at least 2 hours per day and make 50 dials. We will supply you with fresh leads for the whole week and give you a phone pitch that works wonders. You must follow the pitch exactly.

If you follow the pitch and make 50 dials per day (2 hours) you will get 10 conversations, 5 appointments. We close 7 out of 10 presentations so you're looking at making 5% commissions on 3.5 deals per week after the first week of calling and that's just doing the BARE MINIMUM!

Out of 50 dials to our leads, you will reach at least 10 business owners. Out of 10 business owners, 5 will set appointments. It's up to you, the Telemarketer, whether it's all phone appointments or LIVE demonstrations or both, however from past statistics we can clearly see an average of 3/2 ratio. (3 phone appointments and 2 LIVE demonstrations).

We close 70% of all presentations!!!

One of our callers does 10 hours per week on the phone, literally speed dialing until the time is up. She sets 10 appointments per week on average. Out of the 10 appointments she gets us 4 LIVE demonstrations and 6 phone appointments netting her a profit of $5 x 6 phone appt. = $30 plus she gets 4 LIVE demos at $10 each and makes another $40 for a total of $70 or $7 per hour. We close 7 deals per week from her appointments where each sale has an average setup fee of $2000.00 for a total of $14,000 in gross income for the company. After taxes we pay 5% on $11,200 and our full-time college intern who does early morning calling for us, makes another $560.00 per week for a GRAND TOTAL avg of: $630.00 per week. When she was in school part-time she used to make over $1500 for 10 hours of work!

***Keep in mind that this girl does the bare minimum and while we generally want highly productive people, because of her consistency and the sales we are generating, we don't mind the minimum. Just has to be consistent.

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