Personal Assistant to a Marketing Author and Beauty Magazine Founder

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Hey there! My company is an advertising consulting agency and we are launching a new beauty startup in the next 30 days. I just wrote my first book, The Marketing Prom and I will be doing several appearances for both new projects. I need an assistant that can take extreme initiative and will have a strong passion for network building. My ideal candidate will be well-read, well-dressed, love fashion and beauty. We hope this would be a fun and enjoyable experience as well as one you can learn from. The position will be virtual for the first few months to allow for students to participate, and then will transition into a location based internship for the summer months with pay and a stipend.


Daily you will be asked to research information for blog posts for an hour.
You will be sourcing beauty and fashion brands that our audience would be interested in.
You will be reaching out to fashion brands to develop our partnership with them.
You will be compiling ideas for blog and magazine posts.
You will reach out to VIP's that we are developing partnerships with or those we want to connect with.
You will be planning out the founders personal event calendars and handling her social events.


- Must be a social media maven. I have avoided social media for the last 5 years, and will need your help in re-building my network.
- Must love fashion and beauty brands. You will network constantly in this arena.
- Must already have a large network. You will be tasked with insanely addictive internet scavenger style hunts for really important people, and you will be given bonuses for those you reach. Your network will be what helps get you there.
- Must be in the United States.
- Must be familiar with Wordpress.
- Must have a fun personality.

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