Podcasting Internship

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Help a B2B consulting firm launch and conduct a new podcast series. We have strong interest from our client base in a podcast series, so we need an intern to help us create and deliver! You will work directly with our subject matter experts.

The position requires roughly 5 hours of work per week, and pays $15/hour. Work includes helping to produce a new, weekly B2B podcast and promoting it. The job is conducted by telecommuting.

Please send us a brief email explaining your experience, along with your resume, and links to recent podcasts or audio work you have produced or promoted.


Work with subject matter experts on our team to plan podcast episodes
Act as an interviewer in some podcasts (interviewing the SMEs)
Manage software and systems for recording and editing
Write blog post and LinkedIn post on the podcast
Help produce the weekly podcast at 3:00 pm ET each Tuesday or Thursday


Experience recording, editing podcasts and submitting them to iTunes
Experince with Garageband or similar tools for audio recording
Successful candidates should be enrolled in a relevant university program and demonstrate a high level of interest in producing audio podcasts

How To Apply

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